All about women’s rights

At what level are women’s rights? Well, according to everyone and everything, they are almost ideal. Women feel more independent today, and they act more independent. Women say that there is still some discrimination left though. Usually, everyone says that women get paid less than men. I will tell you the actual truth about that. The good news is that women’s rights are achieved in this current period.

Why are women getting smaller paychecks? First of all, statistics say that women are getting somewhat lesser paychecks. Is that because of discrimination? It isn’t. There is virtually no discrimination for women. Women get mostly the same jobs as men. If a man and a woman working at the same place, they will get the same pay.

When they distribute these statistics, they don’t take some crucial factors into account. Here are some examples. Women work less than men. There are more housewives than house husbands. Of course, the paycheck is going to be less for women. Plus, men still take the hardest and most dangerous jobs.

What are some jobs that women usually won’t work in? You will never see women working at a construction site. There are very few women in the military. Physical, hard and risky jobs usually pay more than available jobs. Working at a perfume store isn’t that hard. There is no risk involved. That’s why it pays less. When you think about it, it makes sense that women get paid less on average.

Women don’t have it that hard after all. If a woman is willing to dig ditches, will she get paid less than a man? Of course not. In reality, most women will not choose tough and risky jobs. They will rather work in convenient places like department stores of perfume stores. Women can’t say that they get discriminated.

Women’s Rights – Are We Doing Enough Globally?
It is important for those of us in the US, the only nation in the world that can legitimately be called a super power, to understand the culture of other countries and not impede on their need for self-governance. That’s the right way to play it. After all, no country wants another telling it how to live, what to believe in, or how to carry out its affairs, not the US or any nation. Obviously, you can see that point right? Still, where do we draw the line on human rights?

And in case you’ve previously considered all this from an intellectual standpoint, that is to say, that the term and concept of human rights was merely made up one day, and in reality does not exist, still, I’d like you to consider the challenges of women’s rights in some nations, or the lack thereof. Not long ago, I was discussing all this with in a diplomatic connotation with an acquaintance of mine.

Now then, with regards to women’s rights, and their bodies, well, when I see the enslavement of women around the world, I just can’t see why that should be allowed to continue on planet earth. Of course, in the Middle East women have been put into that situation for so long, they know no other way, and would fight against you to free them. Scary thought. But with education, it could be done, perhaps why their male counter parts in those regions don’t want them to become educated.

Religions around the world have been a challenge, and when it comes to fundamentalism in any religion, well it often causes bizarre behaviors and is more often than not used as a mechanism for control. In the US we value the freedom of worship, and yet, when it goes against what we consider to be human rights or women’s rights, those are two very different concepts to try to marry and negotiate. Where do we draw that line? We must not tell other nations who to carry out their affairs, and yet, when we see cruelty or rules against freedom, surely every American cringes at the thought. There is a lot we can do do bring up awareness on women’s rights – we can simply perform marches; with banners, giving out magnets and stickers. Blue Bee Printing would be of great assistance.

So, let me ask the question which is also the title of this article once again; “Are we doing enough globally when it comes to the rights of women?” Indeed, I’d say the answer is no, no we aren’t, and yet, I also worry about the repercussions of forcing our culture and will onto others, even if we are doing it for the right reasons.

Well, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.



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