Online Healthcare Sources

As the Internet users fast discover, the enormous amount of the healthcare information is accessible online. Finding reliable and accurate information about healthcare among the millions of the telemedicine sources is the difficult task for nearly everyone. The information can also be obtained from published scientific literatures, the medical and the scientific journals publish journals written for the scientists and the healthcare professionals. Here are the online healthcare sources.

NHGRI Talking Glossary of the Genetic Terms NHGRI Talking Glossary of the Genetic Terms is actually meant to assist everyone know the terms and the concepts used in the genetic research. Additionally to the definitions, the specialists in a field of the genetics shares their descriptions of the terms which include animation, images and the links related terms.

PubMed PubMed is the NIH’s searchable databases of the published scientific and the medical literature. PubMed covers citations from about 4,600 journals which are form the US and also seventy other countries. Additional twelve million citations are obtainable in the MEDLINE which is one of the components of PubMed.

The information used for locating the article, the title, the authors and the time it was being published is recorded in the PubMed search result. Using a condition name like the search term need to locate articles which may be of the interest to one. To narrow the search, click to the Limits box below a search box and then specify a criteria you could like using to locate the articles which may be of relevant to many questions.

National Network of the Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) The designed sources help one find the healthcare information from the libraries in your own area.

LinkOut LinkOut provides the access to the full-text articles at the journal Web sites and the other related Website resources.

ClinicalTrials NIH and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) develop to offer patients, the family members and the members of a public with the current information concerning the clinical research studies and the clinical trials which are enrolling persons.

From a home page, you can actually enter terms like the condition names, the study locations which is either cities or states, and the descriptive terms for the patients which is like the adult or the adolescent. After performing the search, there is the list of the search results. You need to click on the study to assess the study’s eligibility criteria so as to determine whether you or somebody else could qualify.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in a Man (OMIM) OMIM is the electronic catalog of the human genes and the genetic disorders. This Website was actually developed by a National Center for the Biotechnology Information (NCBI), and this contains the text and the reference information. Even though the language is a bit technical, the OMIM is being considered as the very comprehensive sources of the information. Based to the complex information being found in OMIM, essentially you can benefit from discussing the contents with the medical professional. With the PubMed, you may search the OMIM by using the terms and setting the search limits.

BioMedSearch BioMedSearch is the free biomedical search website which includes the entire National Institutes of the Health (NIH) PubMed document together with many more which are often in the full text. Even it has the account features like the portfolios to save the documents, ability of sharing the documents and the comment to them which is between the users and the keyword-based alerts.

The Genetic Alliance As the broad-based coalitions, the Genetic Alliance build the partnerships so as to promote the healthy lives to all those who are living with the genetic conditions. The Genetic Alliance’s Website offers the information on the genetic conditions and the issues which are related to the genetic conditions.

The National Organization for the Rare Disorders (NORD) NORD is the federation of the not-for-profit charitable healthcare organizations which serve people with the rare disorders. You may search this website or obtain the printed report for the specific disorder which is by ordering it using NORD’s Website which is by calling or by the use of writing to NORD.

ORPHANET (The English Version) ORPHANET is the French multilingual databases dedicated to the information on the rare diseases and the orphan drugs for the patients together their families, the health professionals and the researchers, the support groups, and the industry.



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