Recycling in the United States

America Recycling Day (ARD) falls on November 15th each year. Having started back in 1997, it has helped countless Americans stay true to their habits. America Recycles Day is nationally recognized to encourage individuals to play their part and support recycling throughout the US. The day serves as a motivation and reminder for individuals commit to recycle and help others to do the same. If you’re wondering how you can play your part to support this year, the following suggestions will help you get started.

recyclingAttend a dedicated event:

Countless sponsored organizations host different ARD events throughout the United States. You’ll be able to get a list of events and their details on the official American Recycles Day website. These events are perfect for raising awareness and helping people realize the importance of recycling and the role that it plays in eradicating waste and helping to cut down on pollution. Attending these events with friends and family is a great way to spend some quality time on something that truly matters. Some events have dedicated children activities like crafting with recycled items to help them understand the importance of recycling.

Know what to recycle:

Knowing what to recycle is important as every community is different in terms of its laws. It is important to be informed of the laws of the society as overlooking them can result in penalties. Have a look online or you could also visit local drop-off locations in the United States to find out what you are able to recycle. While it may be difficult to recycle electronics at your local drop-off, you’ll be able to recycle general waste like paper and plastic pretty easily.

Shop and support recycling:

As simple as it sounds, shopping at your local grocery store can help you support recycling too. All you have to do is keep a lookout for items that are manufactured using recycled content. This way you are able to encourage the production of recycled goods and in turn, you help make the process more economically favourable for manufactures in the US.

Raising awareness:

Attending a dedicated event is not the only way to raise awareness on the importance of recycling. You can create awareness by helping your friends and family polish their recycling habits by reminding them of the benefits that it has on the society and environment. Keeping recycling boxes at work and home are instant reminders and a great way to encourage recycling. You could motivate family members and colleagues at work to recycle by offering them incentives or appreciating them for their dedication to the betterment of the society.

Once you’re aware of the basics, you’ll notice that recycling is no rocket science. Knowing that you’re helping the society is rewarding and will keep you motivated to recycle on a daily basis. So why not take the pledge this year to make a difference by helping the United States recycle? You’ll be protecting and preserving the environment before you know it!